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the start

My name is Joe Shaw, I’m the creator of Flying Swine Seasonings and here’s my

A lot of this begins the way of many businesses; Man sees a need. Man creates
solution. Man hears doubters say he’ll succeed when pigs fly. Man makes Flying
Swine Seasonings with wife who believes in him all along. The end…sorta. The truth really isn’t that far from reality, but I didn’t make this in spite of anyone except the other spice makers. As a judge in culinary school, we tasted the best of what the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) members had to offer in the “Awards of Excellence” annual competition. To be honest, I love all barbecue but when it came to some of the offerings, I wasn’t that impressed. I decided then and there that I could do better… and I did. In 2018, we won 1 st Place in the NBBQA Pork Rub. To be honest, that was a goal I thought would take us years to achieve since we were competing with 90 other companies. We did it in 3! What started as a barbecue loving kid growing up in Southern Illinois led me to attending culinary school at 36 and now creating one of the world’s best barbecue rubs. We did this so you could take the guesswork out of making great barbecue for loved ones and customers. It’s a passion from my childhood that developed into a company with a goal: to make the best seasonings and the happiest customers and friends.


the use

Flying Swine Seasonings are made for all your smoking and grilling needs. They are all purpose seasonings for all you can think to try. From meats like pork, beef, chicken or fish to side dishes ranging from chili to mac & cheese, and even popcorn,

you will not find a better seasoning anywhere. We know it and after just one bite, you will too!

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the proof

Now we don't like to brag, but our seasonings have been entered into multiple contests and have exceeded expectations of our peers. Here is a little showcase of the damage we've done in the past:

2018 NBBQA 1 st Place Pork Rub (Original All-Purpose)
2019 NBBQA 4 th Place Spicy Rub (Sweet N’ Spicy)
2019 NBBQA 6 th Place Pork Rub (Slap Apple Bourbon)
Numerous Customers Winning Awards in Cooking Competitions
Average 4.7/5.0 Stars Rating for Every Product We Sell On Amazon
100% Customer Satisfaction






Sweet n'


slap apple


Sweet n'


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nutritional information

Flying Swine All-Purpose Rub is loaded with flavor. Our product is gluten-free and no MSG. It is made with all-natural ingredients in a facility that does not process nuts of any kind.

While we’re not ready to give up the recipe to our fabulous rub, you will notice the following items when you taste it: brown sugar, turbinado sugar, sugar, salt, spices including paprika, dehydrated onion, and dehydrated garlic.

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