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Who we are


My name is Joe Shaw

    In 2012, I enrolled at a community college as a 36 year old culinary student. It had been 18 years since I was a student of any kind, but I always loved cooking. My style of choice was anything barbecue. It just so happened that my school judged the entries in the National Barbecue Association’s Awards of Excellence. For one day, a hundred or so people tasted over 500 entries into this prestigious award. An idea sparked in me that January 25th of 2013. I tasted dozens of rubs that were all lacking one thing… a great flavor that’s ready to use by itself. 

     I started to work on my idea of a rub that made grilling and smoking easy. I wanted to help others become the hero of their own cooking. 

     I worked on many versions of rub and found inspiration wherever possible. My ingredients were simple yet had a precise reason they were used and in what quantity. I started testing our rub on ribs, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, you name it, and we tried it. Friends, family and strangers loved it and I thought we just might be able to do something special with this. 

     What started as one rub turned into 5 (that you know of) with matching sauces for each flavor. It’s been an amazing journey for me and my family. We’ve been so blessed to help so many people become their best cook. It’s the highest compliment when someone says they went home, made something for their family and everyone loved their creation. That’s all we ever wanted. 

HOw to Swine

Flying Swine Seasonings are made for all your smoking and grilling needs. They are all purpose seasonings for all you can think to try. From meats like pork, beef, chicken or fish to side dishes ranging from chili to mac & cheese and even popcorn.

You will not find a better seasoning anywhere. We know it and after just one bite, you will too!

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The Proof is in the numbers

Now we don't like to brag, but our seasonings have been entered into multiple contests and have exceeded expectations of our peers. Here is a little showcase of the damage we've done in the past:

2018 NBBQA 1 st Place Pork Rub (Original All-Purpose)
2019 NBBQA 4 th Place Spicy Rub (Sweet N’ Spicy)
2019 NBBQA 6 th Place Pork Rub (Slap Apple Bourbon)

Average 4.7/5.0 Stars Rating for Every Product We Sell On Amazon
100% Customer Satisfaction

Tens of Thousands of products sold every year.

video Proof

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